Holistic consultations take time

An Intial Consulation with Judith Magee will take between 1.5 to 2 hours and is $185. This consultation is a thorough gathering of all relevant information about your current health concern/s, personal and family health history and a comprehensive holistic review of systems, diet, lifestyle, risk factors, etc. Any relevant existing pathology or test results should be brought to this consultation for functional interpretation. Included will be any relevant in-clinic testing, a summary of the agreed Treatment Plan, including details of any recommended functional or biomedical tests, dietary adjustments, information handouts and full dosage instructions for any herbs, nutritional supplements or homoeopathics dispensed.

A Follow-up consultation with Judith Magee will generally take 1 hour and is $95. This consultation is an opportunity to review response to the current Treatment Plan, determine any adjustments/changes needed and go over any functional or biomedical pathology test results received, to determine implications

If face-to-face consultations don’t suit, ask about online consultations available through secure Zoom sessions

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